Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cagney & Lacey

Prior to moving to Birmingham I had a number of fruitful trips with various friends. The visits whereby most mayhem occurred was with Phillip. You will notice a pattern forming that when Phillip is mentioned in these blogs, wrongness plays a huge part.

Anyway on said trip we had been out, drinking and lots of tomfoolery and returned to our hotel, namely the Ibis...we then started to play up.

Now I'll use this as a chance to mention that we had a fixation with Cagney & Lacey (American drama series following the life's of two female cops in New York for those of you that are not aware of this amazing series). So much so that Phillip was Cagney and I was Lacey.

So, back to telling you what occurred after our return to the hotel. Upon arriving in our room we started playing up, which then turned into us running run the corridors of said hotel singing the theme tune of said 1980's cop show having a lovely time. Once we got bored of doing this, we returned to our room and I ventured into the bathroom to get ready for bed...leaving Phillip to get up to no good!

Whilst I was in the bathroom, I could hear raised voices so took a look to see what was going on. To my amazement, Phillip was hanging out the window talking to someone. Upon further inspection, I noticed that there were a small group of Chinese men shouting up at our window and Phillip was profusely apologising. It then became clear that Phillip had thought it was funny to hang at the window and pretend to shoot the men as they could be 'baddies' that Cagney & Lacey were after. So, they then thought that Phillip had a gun and were duly on route to our room to sort us out. PANIC!!!

I dragged Phillip in from the window and then began trying to explain what had happened, he was drunk, we had no guns, did I look like the sort of person to have a gun and insisted that there was no need to visit us in our room as it was in fact a bad joke gone horribly wrong and I was so so so sorry and assured them that it would not happen again! After what seemed like a age, but was in fact about 5 minutes, they accepted my apology and went on their way.

Moral of this story...never leave a Phillip unattended!

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