Monday, 18 January 2010

The Start

I've had an idea to start a blog, to get my thoughts and ideas out there in the hope that I can make people smile, laugh and enjoy "The comedy that is my life".

Laughter plays a huge part in my everyday life and I enjoy making people laugh, as I'm sure we all do...they say that laughter is the best medicine...well that is the case unless you are truely ill and then laughter really ain't gonna help and my advice would be to seek medical attention.

I have a pretty normal, gym, socialising and other general normal stuff. However, it seems like there is always an episode or two each day that I encounter that I will then share with the people around me that will then become a comedy moment that will make people laugh.

For example, it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was having a wander round a clothes outlet on my lunchbreak, minding my own business and heard someone making a loud bellowing noise. It became apparent that this noise was coming from a disabled gentleman in a wheelchair. So, I ignored the noise and carried on browsing the rails. It was a few monents later that I was trying on a pair of shoes to have got one of the shoes stuck on my foot. I duly bent over to remove said shoe when all of a sudden I felt a hand grab the left cheek of my bum...not just a pinch but a grab, the whole hand in contact with an entire cheek. Quite shocked by what I had experienced, I turned around, still bent over with said shoe still stuck on said foot to see the man in the wheelchair grinning! Still in shock I looked around and noticed the gentleman's carer fingering through the rails and doing anything but care for the guy. She then noticed what had happened, tapped him on the arm and said "No grabbin". I then waited, expecting her to say to me "O I do apologise" to which I would have replied "No worries". However, she said nothing to me...just carried on with her browsing, this is whilst I was stood there, feeling used and abused after being fondled by the gentleman in the wheelchair, who I might add was still grinning and now rubbing his hands together! Needless to say that when I returned to work and shared my experience...all they did was laugh lots...charming, I felt used and abused!!

I am hoping to share my experiences in the hope that someone finds it funny and enjoys my tales...

I'd appreciate any comments/feedback...this is a working progress...hope you enjoy!


  1. This is pure comedy genius, more please!!!!

  2. Hahahaha this was THE funniest thing... LOL LOL LOL (Lots of LOLs for you babes) x Funny blog! Can't wait for some more...

  3. A R L E N E... That is your name right? Ha ha.
    Yay, ive finally managed to join. Hilariuos chick, keep em coming!
    love ya xxxxx