Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Me against the machine

Now I like to consider myself to be in charge of my vehicle, I mean as my car and not the vehicle that is considered by some to be my body...anyway, tangent there so I will get back to the point.

It was only yesterday that after going to the gym for a heavy Boxing session I arrived home with a rather large gash above my left eye, bleeding profusely and shocking my housemate in the process. Now you may think that I had gone ten rounds with Tyson...well you are wrong. I left the gym unscathed, arrived home safely and then I go the boot of my car to retrieve my bags. It is then that I was attacked by my car. Well if the truth be know I stupidly got in the way of the boot as I slammed it shut. I hear you ask "How on earth can someone stand in the way of the boot as they are shutting it". Well I really can't answer that question but can tell you to avoid it as it really does hurt. The result was a nasty injury to my face and slightly dented pride...Car 1 Arlene 0

1 comment:

  1. I feel bad for your poorly eye (and you) but still couldn't help havin a little giggle heeheeheehee xx ps Can't wait for the rematch!!