Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What should have been a quick trip to get chicken...

Every now and then I like to treat myself. This can be via a number of mediums and one of them is not cooking and making a trip out to collect a takeaway.

Now being a person of colour, I enjoy chicken. So I took a trip to the local KFC, drive through. On arrival at the drive through there was a large queue so I made the decision to park my car and go inside to place my order, thinking that this would be the quicker option...how wrong could I be?

On arrival inside said restaurant I was greeted by two women shouting at the staff behind the counter. As I approached the counter one of the women shouts at me "Don't go get serve by her, she be rude and ignorant." Now I am torn as I really couldn't give two hoots as to what is going on. However, the women look mean and angry and I'm not wanting to push their buttons further so with great hesitation I now stand alongside them. Now you may think that I should have ignored them, but you weren't there and they were mean! So, now I pledged allegiance with the two women and now more customers arrive. The women do the same to them that they did to me and the innocent bystanders do exactly as I do.

Now a group has formed and the member of staff that they are directly their torrent of abuse has disappeared behind the scenes and there are two new members of staff to serve the rather large group of people waiting to be fed. The women commence with their order as do I and all appears to have calmed down. WRONG...its just the beginning of another episode of drama.

One of the troublesome two starts to examine her order, fingering through the bag of food and the following unfolds with one of the workers of KFC...

"Er I want different chicken"

"Why, what is wrong with your order?

"My chicken is small"

"What do you mean the chicken is small"

"Its not as big as the chicken on the poster up there (woman is now pointing to the display board above the counter)"

"Ur...none of the chicken is that big. Those pictures are enlarged images of chicken for the purpose of advertising"

"That's not good enough, when I ordered my chicken I wanted a piece like whats on the picture and I haven't got it"

"And as I have already explained to you, we do not have any chicken that big to give you"

At this point I could hardly move from where I was stood as I was in shock, astonished and many other things that I cant explain. It was by far one of the funniest conversations that I had ever experienced and could not believe my eyes and ears!

I then realised that the other one of the troublesome two was staring at me and my order that I had just been given and shouted "Check your food lady, they be thief's and liars in here and give you ickle pieces of chicken". I saw this as a perfect opportunity to.....RUN! And that's exactly what I did...run from the restaurant, my order under my arm, dived into my car and never looked back!


  1. Brilliant!! If this is the begining we have much more comedy to follow!!

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  3. Was there another reason you had gone to KFC missy??? ha ha ha ha!!!
    This is brilliant!! I love it!! xxx

  4. ...now crying with laughter... xxx

  5. LMAO that was brilliant......I can just see KFC hastily adding a disclaimer on their posters about the size of their portions!!!! Keep it up hun they are good for the soul and definately make me laugh! x