Saturday, 23 January 2010

When I was in a girl group...well almost

A few years ago I went to the grand ol place of Gran Canaria with a very good friend of mine, Phillip. I wasn't gonna name him in my blog but sod it, he can take the blame of this episode in my life.

We did the usual, as one does; saw the sights, drank, partied, sunbathed, etc, etc...I'm sure you get the drift.

One of the first nights we went bars and then ended up in a club, worse for wear of course. We got talking to various different people and whilst talking, and slurring our words in the best possible fashion, I overheard my Phillip telling our new friends "Yeah, shes in a group, don't know if you've heard of em, 411?" Now at this stage its becoming clear that he's telling people that I am in a girl group...hardly, who about a few years ago. So at this point I SHOULD have put them all straight and said that he was pulling their leg. However, I didn't. I made the choice to continue the facade and spun a web of lies, only white ones of course, about my life with the girls in 411 and posing for pictures, as you do. Once back at the apartment, we had a laugh about it and thought nothing more of our eventful evening.

Now I don't blame either Phillip or myself for this, I blame our new found friends for believing such fodder!

So the rest of our holiday continues, much of what you do on holiday but we continually kept bumping into the people we had told this story to and they insisted on singing 411 songs at me, so I politely smiled and congratulated them on knowing all the words. I'd like to point out that I didn't know the songs as well as I should have done, as a member of said girl group. They also informed us that they had sent the pictures back home to their family and friends, telling them that they had spent the night with a (non) member of 411.

Now the final night of our holiday arrives and we see fit to have a go on the karaoke. We duly put our requests in and after copious drinks I'm called to the stage...

For those of you that have had the delight of hearing me sing you'll know that I cant! So onwards to my performance which was in true karaoke fashion...awful!

When I finish my turn on the stage it become clear that I had been busted. Enter the group of people who had believed that I was in a girl group. They made us fes up that we had em good and proper and they did eventually see the funny side but were a little embarrassed at how they had been sucked in and tangled up in the web we had created...oops!

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