Friday, 5 February 2010

Road Rage

Now road rage is something that ever driver encounters whilst exploring the roads of this wonderful land. I do a lot of driving and attempt to keep my outbursts to a minimum, unlike others.

It was just the other week that I was returning home from work when it became apparent that I couldn't get home due to one of the many lorry's carrying a crane was stuck in the road adjacent to my home....three point turn anyone?? So, I made the decision to park my car, walk the rest of the journey to then return to retrieve my car a bit later. Whilst I was navigating myself into a parking space I got talking talking to a rather large burly chap in a van. He was telling me that the road was blocked and we both had a moan what with it being a pain and all.

It was then that I heard a car horn, not just a beep but a full on Mmmmeeeeeehhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I asked the guy I was speaking to, as to where the racket was coming from and he duly informed me that it was from the car that was behind me. Taking a look back, I was greeted with a knob, beeping his horn, hanging out the window shouting obscenities at me. I too shouted obscenities back at him. It was at the point that the fella that I was talking to said to me "Er I tell ya what love, called him a wa**er and if he starts I'll punch him". Now as tempting as that sounded, I wasn't about to be an accessory to assault so I told him "Nah, your alright mate, think I'll pass"...this is why I'm trying to manoeuvre my car into a space in order to get my self our the situation. "Go on, you know you want to" he insisted. "Er, no, I really didn't fancy getting nicked for assault". He was very persistent and this is while the knob is still beeping his horn. At that point said large burly fella gets out of his van and starts approaching the boy-racer. Needless to say boy racer, banged his car into reverse and wheel-span outta there so all we could see was brake lights beaming in the dark streets of Birmingham.

I took this opportunity to wave goodbye whilst I hot footed it outta there to the safety of my home.


  1. Smile & wave... it unnerves men who honk. ;)

  2. I took the easier option...parked me car and legged it!!