Friday, 29 January 2010

The Gym

Now I am like many of us who go to the gym, maybe not as many times as I should go in a week, but all the same I do go on a regular basis...well a few times a week.

Recently, I went to the gym after work. Upon arriving I changed into my gym outfit, which I'd like to point out doesn't match and I don't opt in for all this skin tight Lycra stuff, and locked my belongings away nice and safe.

Once I had run around like a lunatic I returned to the changing rooms to retrieve my stuff however there was a problem....the locker wouldn't open. I tried the combination several times and nothing. Not wanting to look like a fool, I tried to do this discretely. However, I failed. I now had audience. I then began to realise that I wasn't getting into said locker so took myself to reception.

I got the attention of the ever so NOT helpful member of staff, I explained my predicament. She asked "Are you sure that you are putting the right combination in?" My response "Yes"...what a stupid question to ask. Like I'm gonna put the wrong combination in and then waste my time telling her that I cant get into my locker?! She explained that the only way to get into the locker was to use bolt cutters to cut the padlock off. I decided to cut my loses, well cost of a padlock, and asked for this to be done.

She returned to the changing room with me accompanied with a pair bolt cutters. After a struggle, she manages to destroy the padlock and free my belongings that had been held hostage. Now here was the wasn't my stuff in the locker that SHE had just broken into. I obviously hadnt realised that the locker I was trying to get into wasn't mine, hence the combination I was putting in not working. Its now that I glance down the row of lockers and spot my padlock. Without saying a word, I slide up to said padlock, turn the dials to my combination and boo-ya the locker opens and there are my belongings. I then turn to the assistant who is now stood there with a bolt cutters in one hand in and broken padlock in the other...not impressed.

I make my apologises, trying to explain that its a mistake anyone could make. However, this didn't wash as it wasn't anyone but me who had made the mistake and her who had committed breaking and entering AND criminal damage to the padlock. What made it worse was that she had no idea as to who the locker belonged to. Needless to say, she wasn't impressed with the fact that she had to stay with the locker until the rightful owner turned up. It was at this point that I thanked her for her assistance and made a sharp exit!

Moral of this story; make a mental note of the locker that you use when going to the gym and if the combination doesn't work the first time...try try and try again various other padlocks in the changing room BEFORE you seek assistance.

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  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaa haaaahaaaahaaaa (if that doesn't translate correctly enough, I would like to confirm that this is a full on belly laugh aaaaahhh hhhaaaahhaaahaaaaahaaaaa) xxx