Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Beggars - it beggars belief at how rude they can be!

We all come across people begging for money for the infamous cup of tea. Some give the line "spare change" for a cup of tea or the next bottle of cheap cider more like. However, I am of the opinion that I don't have any "spare" change. I don't open my purse and think to myself "O look at all that spare change that I am carrying around that I don't want or have a need for". Therefore, if I am asked "Do you have any spare change?" my response is always "No", not in a rude way as you can say no without being rude...I just say no.

So, I was recently walking home and saw a man sitting on the pavement, asking passers-by for "spare change". So as I come to walk past him, my big moment approaching I hear the question "Have you got any spare change please love?" I then politely respond "No, sorry". Why I said sorry I will never know as I wasn't sorry (please see above). Then what I heard next was a complete shocker. The beggar then sneered at me and said "Black bitch!". O maybe I should point out that I am of dual heritage and therefore am a person of colour. I was utterly shocked by how vile the git had been as I had succumbed to his charm and parted with my hard earned cash. So in a second I thought, well we are obviously playing the game as to lets shout out what the other person is so I quickly snapped back at him "Tramp!". With that I made a hasty retreat to the comfort and safety of home.

Lesson learnt here I think....if your not prepared to give people your hard earned cash for doing absolutely nothing in return, be prepared to be abused and called names!

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