Friday, 10 December 2010

No grabbing!

Recently on my lunch break I visited a clothing warehouse near to where I work to see if I could grab a bargain or two, with a couple of friends.

On arrival, we all went our separate ways and started to peruse the aisles. Whilst wandering around I heard what I can only describe as loud moaning coming from the other side of the warehouse...thinking nothing of it I continued. I arrived at the shoe section and eyed a pair of shoes that took my fancy. Finding my size, I decided to try them on...little did I know that this was the beginning of a rather strange episode.

There were none of those seats that you usually find when trying on shoes so I found myself bending over to get my shoes off/trying on my possible purchase. Whilst bent over, in a not so attractive position, I felt a hand on my bum and not just a pinch but a full on grab!! Now, my first thought was that it was one of my friends I had arrived with as we often mess about. However as I turned around, still bent over, I had a mixture of shock and horror to see a man in a wheelchair with the biggest grin on his face. It was obvious that he had disabilities. Not just because of taking a fancy to my bum, was just obvious. So I looked to the right of him with what I can only explain to be a look of shock and horror, to see where on earth his carer was. There she was, fingering through the bargains, doing anything but CARING for the guy in the wheelchair and obviously spending his benefits! I was waiting for her reaction for what seemed like a life time and all she uttered was "No grabbing", whilst tapping the back of his hand. NO GRABBING, NO GRABBING??!! Is that all she's got to say, despite the fact that I am stood there with my shock and horror look going on?? No apology?? You can imagine that this done nothing but fuel his fire so he could undress me with his eyes as he was whisked away!

I was left feeling used, abused and violated with the words "No grabbing" ringing in my ears...

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